Paulina Oja Jewellery is a new Swedish jewellery brand based in Stockholm. 

All Paulina Oja Jewellery are handcrafted in silver. The design is timeless, elegant and eyecatching. 

Discover Paulina Oja Jewellerys unique assortment available both online and in store. 

Paulina Oja Jewellery

Paulina Oja Jewellery is originated by designer Paulina Alstorp. Growing up in the south of Sweden she became interested in designing jewellery while working in the fashion industry. Starting with other materials she soon ended up working mainly with silver. Paulina graduated from University College of Arts Crafts and Design in 2014 and after honing her skills for three years she decided to unleash her own brand in 2017.

Paulina Oja Jewellery is a Stockholm based brand. Everything is handcrafted in Paulina Alstorps own studio.

The brand Paulina Oja Jewellery is available in several stores.

Handmade Silver Jewellery from Paulina Oja Jewellery

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Paulina Oja Jewellery designs silver jewelry with a focus on durability and quality. Order online with free shipping and two weeks delivery time.